AMW4 Wall Box – 4 LGX Assemblies

AMW4 Wall Box – 4 LGX Assemblies


Height 290mm
Width 362mm
Depth 107mm
Net weight 4.6kg
Packaged weight 5.2kg
Packaged dimensions 360mm (W) x 410mm (L) x 160mm (H)
Suitable for Adaptor type LGX / MTP Cassettes
Number of module positions 4
Material Cold- rolled steel
Material thickness 2.5mm
Material finish Powder coating
Colour RAL 9004
Operating temperature -40°C to +60°C
Designed in accordance with TIA/EIA 568.C, ISO/IEC 11801, EN50173, IEC60304, IEC61754,
Compliant to RoHS, Reach/SVHC

Dibujo técnico

AMW4-3 Technical drawing


AMW4-1 Technical drawing - Open


AMW4-1 Technical drawing - Closed

Información para pedidos

Quad Module AM Style Lockable Wall Box AMW4

Adaptor Plates Available

L01 - 8 x LC DuplexL01 - 8 x SC SimplexL01 - 8 x E2000
Multimode - L01LCM08 Multimode - L01SCM08 Multimode - L01E2M08
Adaptor only - LCDPXBEIGE Adaptor only - SCUSPHBRBEIGE Adaptor only - E2UBEIGE
Singlemode - L01LCS08 Singlemode - L01SCS08 Singlemode -L01E2S08
Adaptor only - LCDPXBLUE Adaptor only - SCUSZR02 Adaptor only - E2UBLUE
APC Singlemode - L01LCA08 APC Singlemode - L01SCA08 APC Singlemode - L01E2A08
Adaptor only - LCAPCUDGREEN Adaptor only - SCAPCUSGREEN Adaptor only - E2APCUGREEN


L03 - 6 x SC DuplexL02 - 8 x STL01 - 8 x MTRJ
Multimode - L03SCM06 Multimode - L02STM08 L01MTM08
Adaptor only - SCUDPHBRBEIGE Adaptor only - STUPHBR Adaptor only - MTRJUNITER
Singlemode - L03SCS06 Singlemode - L02STS08  
Adaptor only - SCUDZR02BLUE Adaptor only - STUZR02  
APC Singlemode - L03SCA06    
Adaptor only - SCAPCUDGREEN    


L02 - 8 x FCBlank Plate 
Multimode - L02FCM08 L04  
Adaptor only - FCUZR02-D    
Singlemode - L02FCS08    
Adaptor only - FCUPHBR-D    
APC Singlemode - L02FCA08    
Adaptor only - FCAPCUZR02-D    

To order the front plate in grey colour, please add /G on the end of the part numbers listed above.

Example: L01E2A08/G

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Producto actualizado en Octubre 27, 2014

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