SC Field Installable Connectors

SC Field Installable Connectors


Fibre Type Singlemode and Multimode
Insertion Loss (Max)* 0.5dB
Insertion Loss (Typical)* 0.3dB
Return Loss (Typical)* 50db/55dB
Polishing Type UPC and APC
*Using proper cleave process
Step 1 - Strip fibre Strip and cleave the fibre according to the template provided. LC-Field-Installable-Connectors-Termination-Guide-Step-1
Step 2 - Insert fibre Insert the pre-prepared fibre carefully in to the connector body, gently push the fibre towards the body until it stops.  SC-Field-Installable-Connectors-Termination-Guide-Step-2
Step 3 - Activate tab Ensure that the fibre has a bend, then, using your thumb finger, press the button-like activator tab to commence the splice and crimp. Keeping the tab pressed while slowly releasing the bent fibre.SC-Field-Installable-Connectors-Termination-Guide-Step-3-detail  SC-Field-Installable-Connectors-Termination-Guide-Step-3
Step 4 - Remove the jig Remove the plastic jig attached to the underside of the connector.  SC-Field-Installable-Connectors-Termination-Guide-Step-4
Step 5 - Complete the assembly Tighten the screw-on boot to the terminated assembly. If there is an aramid strength member, trap it in the screw-thread and trim.  SC-Field-Installable-Connectors-Termination-Guide-Step-5

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Información para pedidos

Multimode PC 62.5/125 Simplex 900μm SC62MM9BGFIC
Multimode PC 62.5/125 Simplex 3mm SC62MM3BGFIC
Multimode PC 50/125 Simplex 900μm SC50MM9BGFIC
Multimode PC 50/125 Simplex 3mm SC50MM3BGFIC
Multimode PC 50/125 OM3 Simplex 900μm SCOM3MM9BGFIC
Multimode PC 50/125 OM3 Simplex 3mm SCOM3MM3BGFIC
Singlemode PC 9/125 Simplex 900μm SC09SM9BLFIC
Singlemode PC 9/125 Simplex 3mm SC09SM3BLFIC
Singlemode APC 9/125 Simplex 900μm SCA09SM9GNFIC
Singlemode APC 9/125 Simplex 3mm SCA09SM3GNFIC
Field Installable Connector Preparation Kit OPT-FIC-PREPKIT
Field Installable Connector Preparation Kit and Inspection Kit OPT-FIC-PREPKITPLUS

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