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Cable for Patch Cords
“Our Optronics fibre optic patchcables meet the demands posed by the equipment cabinet environment. We offer connectivity ready cables to achieve maximum fibre density with the latest specification optical fibres and fire hazard resistance.”

Tight Buffered Cables
“The Optronics tight buffered cable ranges provide a complete indoor cabling solution, offering the connectivity benefits of buffered optical fibres. If there is an indoor fibre cable requirement we have the ideal product with the very latest high performance optical fibres.”

Loose Tube Cables
“A very versatile range of LAN cables for indoor/outdoor and outdoor use. Pull or, blow it into ducts, immerse it in water, subject it to rodent or severe mechanical attack. We have the right cable for the job.”

Aerial Cable, Direct Burial And Duct Fibre Optic Cable
“An extensive range of cables and accessories that provide a comprehensive telecomms cabling solution. The aerial and terrestrial cables are the products of Fibrefab’s extensive design experience, aerial analysis capabilities and optical fibre expertise.”